We continually take on renovations in the office with full enthusiasim and enjoy transforming properties across New Zealand giving them new life and allowing their owners to enjoy the land they love in a whole new way.

When you take on a renovation project as a client it can seam rather “simple”. Employ a good team around you who are experienced, expect the budget to be fluid and allow more than you think, the Architect will then likely still advise that the budget will need more and the a Quantity Surveyor will say you need even more again….A Quantity Surveyor is absolutely vital from day one.

Once your into the design process you can just sit back, hold on and go for an amazing ride that will leave you completely and uterly exhausted, shattered, and wondering why you took this on – however at the end and when the dust settles you will find yourself so overwhelmingly in love with your new home that you just wouldn’t have changed a thing!

This renovation pictured is almost complete, it is located in Manly, Auckland and was a complete re-work from the mid floor up. From late 2012 when the design work started through to early 2015 you can see its not always a quick 12 month process like some may allude to for such a project.

Before you start – ask yourself is this a renovation for re-sale and investment purposes and to just move on at some stage, or is this my final home, the one….

You can view more of this project by clicking below. Completion is due soon and some photos will be updated so keep an eye out.


“A profound design process eventually makes the patron, the architect, and every occasional visitor in the building a slightly better human being.” Juhani Pallasmaa (1936-)

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