Materials that work with the Ocean….

Material durability is the most important thing to consider when selecting the finishes for any project. When you are by the ocean this is even more important and will ultimately inform the experience you will have outside while living in your new home, and in most cases it will provide an element of personality to your home.

For this project we selected cedar cladding, copper detailing, off the form pre-cast concrete and anodised aluminium joinery. These are selected for the natural character and for the ability to cope with our harsh environment. Its a miss conception that people feel they can select lower ‘maintenance’ based materials. The truth is every material should be maintained as per manufacturers guides if you wish to get the best life span out of it and for the best performance over its lifetime.

When finishing your building project a good maintenance document which the builder has helped prepare and is committed to achieving with you is vital. We all too often maintain and clean the car in the garage once a week, but we struggle to at least clean the exterior of our houses once a year!

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