Funding will always be an issue for Emirates Team New Zealand let alone for them to be able to compete in the next Americas Cup race in Bermuda 2017.

I strongly feel that marine composites can be used to draw in more funding for the team by drawing on a wider network of sponsorship from big international brands already operating in our New Zealand economy.

I personally would love to see companies such as Bayer International and Samsung approached to give comment on the view that they too could sponsor an Americas Cup ETNZ campaign by supporting the boat as well as land based pavilions built with the inspiration that the Americas Cup AC72 and AC62 boats offer and using technology of the future to push the boundaries of Architecture as we know it.

The team has previously had large construction brands in New Zealand sponsoring it such as Placemakers and Hawkins Construction, so its just a case of taking that to the next level and drawing on the resources of the sponsors to push a new and aditional funding model for the team.

Our New Zealand government would no doubt enjoy an added new direction to push their funding via the innovation funds they can allocate which would have real tangible returns for the construction sectors in New Zealand and on a world stage during the Americas Cup events.

The information presented here is the sole view of Jurado Architects, this information has been put to Team NZ in 2014 for discussion with no formal response as yet.

Other info >><< Take a look at the new proposed AC62 boats published on the official Americas Cup Website here.

ETNZ Jurado Sponsorship Idea Sheet 0 issued

ETNZ Jurado Sponsorship Idea Sheet 2 issued

ETNZ Jurado Sponsorship Idea Sheet 1 issued